Sunday, March 6, 2016

We all know that Shri Ram belonged to Suryavansh dynasty and the kings of this Vanshavali have been listed sequentially in Valmiki Ramayan and in Puranas. We completed these lists and compared these with the latest genetic studies. These also led to the conclusion that time of Lord Ram are around 7100 years back, who was the 64th eminent Ruler of this dynasty. Raja Sagar was 40th and and Samrat Bhagirath was 44th ruler of this dynasty, therefore their period was around 8000 years back. Look at the Geneology Charts and the genetic studies which corroborate the continuous development of indigenous civilization in India for last more than 10000 years -

Monday, February 15, 2016

My blood boils at what anti national agenda was shamelessly promoted and propagated in JNU. I am alarmed that this has the support of Congress led by Rahul Gandhi; it also has the support of Leftists led by Sitaram Yetchury. Have they all sold out their conscience to Pakistan and to China?

Is it freedom of speech or is it openly inviting people to wage war against India?
Can the freedom of speech be extended to this extent that the Constitution, the Supreme Court, true citizens of this country; all are abused and demeaned. Is it not time that someone should approach the Hon’ble Supreme Court for getting them punished for contempt of Court?

What is Modo Govt. doing; why its being so lenient to these traitors and terrorists being nurtured at our cost for so many years in JNU? Why all these people have forgotten that India is their homeland, their nurturer and their saviour! Are they being funded by outside agencies to put a stop to rising power of India?
They should all be tried for Sedition and they deserve ​to be crushed with iron hand.
 For Rahul Gandhi shouting India ki Barbadi ke slogans is patriotism and taking action against such traitors is anti-national! Should not he also be tried for treason?
Is it not the time for many congressmen, if they have any conscience or if Indian blood is running in their veins, to disagree with him publically and ​assert their patriotic spirit!
No doubt dissent is essence of democracy but patriotic spirit is the fulcrum of democracy. You can not be allowed to ask for the ruin of your own nation. Such people are the biggest enemies of this country and should be given exemplary punishment as per the law of land with no leniency what so ever of any kind should be shown.​

I salute Arnav Goswami of Times now. Hear his program

Arnab Goswami Thrashes the JNU students and their Anti-National Activiti...

Comprehensive and wide-ranging scientific evidences based on scientific researches carried out for more than 50 years, including Space imagery, Archaeology, Geology, Hydrology, Geography and Literature have given extremely credible evidences of origin, flow and decay of Sarasvati river! 

I give you only three glimpses out of 20 slides I have. Have a look at them and I am sure that you would start wondering why in History books taught to us for last more than 50 years, which were written by leftist historians, it is said as imaginary! Was demeaning and distorting India's heritage their only agenda? Or spreading this falsehood also is a part of freedom of speech which is meant to be used for destroying India; its past, present and future!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

See evidence of drilling and filling of teeth being done 9000 years back in Indian sub-continent?

Monday, December 14, 2015

Astronomical dates of Ramayana references are 7000 years old. Archaeologists have excavated 7000 years old copper Bow and Arrow from middle Ganga plains. See just one out of many pictures of several excavated weapons

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Dates of Rigveda references

 9000 years back, at the beginning of winter solstice (Uttarayan), pair of Ashwani nakshatras was seen in Aries Constellation just before sunrise, whereas 8000 years back, Ashwanis were no more visible on the horizon at Uttrayan beginning; instead Chitra nakshatra could be seen on the opposite side. Look at the two sky views along with the relevant Mantras from Rigveda –