Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A one day international conference was organized by I-SERVE (Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas) on 16th July in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi on the subject “Chronology of Indian Culture since the Beginning of Holocene through Scientific Evidences”. More than 25 leading scientists from all over India participated in the conference and presented the latest research work being carried out by organizations like Archaeological Survey of India, ISRO, National Institute of Oceanography, Birbal Sahni Institute of Paleosciences, Anthropology Survey of India, Himalayan Institute of Glaciology, Deccan College, Hisar University and Kurukshetra University.
With the trashing of Aryan Invasion Theory as mythology based on linguistic guesswork, it has become an important challenge for academia to prepare an accurate chronology of the world’s oldest and biggest civilization that had flourished in the Indian sub-continent. With the advent of superior scientific tools and technologies for mapping, excavating and dating the early human settlements, there is a need to run a parallel and multi-disciplinary scientific platform for drawing conclusions about the Indus - Saraswati - Gangetic civilization. Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas has taken up this task of creating a platform for researchers from 10 different sciences to contribute inputs and then identify as well as correlate common and credible conclusions.

This work has led to some ground-breaking achievements, ranging from dating of Vedic hymns and references in Ramayan and Mahabharat to mapping of geographical features and human settlements since the beginnings of Holocene (10,000 BC to present). Mrs. SarojBala (Director, I-SERVE and a retired IRS officer) has proposed the writing of scientific history based on purely scientific evidences without any correlation with traditional history. According to her, latest mapping of Sarasvati River course, correlation of submerged and re-emerged settlements with sea level curve, excavations at Mehrgarh, Rakhigarhi and Lahuradeva and latest genetic studies of Indians populations, should all be correlated in the books reconstructing new scientific chronology of our cultural heritage, so that it does not get lost in endless controversies. In the words of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, such scientific history would push back antiquity of Indian Culture by a few millennia (to 7000 BC), could help unite all Indians and generate shared pride in our rich ancient heritage!

Here is an introductory video on the kind of work I-SERVE is pursuing.

Photograph of I-SERVE Conference - 16th July
Group photograph of attendees


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  8. Respected DR saroj ji lord ram always exist in our heart .Your research established a Mile stone in ancient heritage of india. But find out the ways to tell common people that ram is not myth ,he is real like us. please attach various religious societies with I - serve . It is my opinion only

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