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Report of Exhibition - 2015

Amazing facts about ancient India
Revealed through-

(17-23 September, 2015 in Lalit Kala Akademi)

Hosted by the Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas (I-SERVE)


The latest scientific research reports from astronomy, archaeology, ecology, remote sensing etc. have proved that indigenous civilisation has been developing in India for last 10,000 years. But unfortunately most of our country men are unaware of these scientific evidences.

Through this exhibition we reconstructed the true history of ancient India based on such scientific evidences. Visitors could hear our most beloved former President, late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, talking about such indigenous development of civilisation, relating the Ramayana references to 7000 BP and extolling the achievements of India in remote past.

First few exhibits provided glimpses of the background and theme of this exhibition. Thereafter on display were the sky views of references in Rigveda, which could be observed around 9000 - 7000 years back. The sky views of references in Ramayana could be seen sequentially around 7000 years back, right from Shri Ram’s date of birth to Hanuman’s meeting Sita Ji in Ashok Vatika. Sky simulations of references in Mahabharata could be observed sequentially around 5000 BP.

Some rare pictures of Ramsetu, with proof that it was at the walkable level around 7000 years back, were on display. Genealogy chart of Suryavanshi rulers, containing names of 63 predecessors and 59 successors of Lord Ram, were displayed along with the outcomes of latest DNA studies, which supported the genealogy as well astronomical dates of Ramayana.

A visitor could have a walk through more than 150 places visited by Shri Ram during his exile. A large number of visitors were attracted towards the picture of Kutumsar caves in Dandak vana; the carbon dating of grains found from there considers these as 7000 years old! 

The Exhibition displayed very exhaustive details of archaeological excavations carried out in Indus, Saraswati and Ganga regions. A close look at the pictures of 9000 to 5000 years old excavated artefacts, including jewellery, utensils, weapons, grains and terracotta etc., revealed their connection with references in Vedas and Epics and also their resemblance with such articles made in modern India, revealing cultural continuity for 9000 years.

The eventful journey of remote past, revealing how and when Ganga became the most venerated mighty river of India in place of Saraswati, was displayed through satellite images taken by ISRO and supported by geological studies. By the time a visitor reached the last exhibit, the true history of ancient India stood revealed as under-

·           There has been a constant development of civilization and culture in Indian sub continent for more than 10000 years.
·           Vedas represent the compilation of knowledge, whereas Ramayana and Mahabharata reveal the true history of ancient India.
·           There was not any Aryan invasion 3500 years back. In fact Vedic Aryans from India have been travelling to other countries of the world since 8000 BP for trade and for sharing knowledge.
·           Vedic culture provided the foundation on which the superstructure of Indian civilization is being laid till date. It is like its nurturer, river Saraswati, whose presence is seen and felt but it has become fashionable to deny its existence.

Exhibition on Cultural Continuity from Rigveda to Robotics 17-23 Sept 2015

Union Minister of Culture and Dr. Sonal Mansingh

at the Inaugural of Exhibition-

Cultural continuity from Rigveda to Robotics

The Minister of State for Culture (Independent Charge), Tourism (Independent Charge) and Civil Aviation, Dr. Mahesh Sharma and the President, CICD, Dr. Sonal Mansingh jointly inaugurating the Unique Exhibition on “Cultural Continuity from Rigveda to Robotics”, in New Delhi on September 17, 2015.

Minister of State for Culture, Mahesh Sharma visiting the ‘Unique Exhibition on “Cultural Continuity from Rigveda to Robotics’”, in New Delhi on September 17, 2015. The panel he is looking at is titled, ‘Solar eclipse fourteen years before war in 3153 BC when Pandavas left for 13 years of exile after losing everything in the game of dice

          I - SERVE
                   Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas
                 (Recognised as SIRO by DSIR & notified u/s 35(1) (ii) of Income Tax Act)

(A brief report)

This unique Exhibition was put up by I-SERVE Delhi Chapter on 17-23 September, 2015 in Lalit Kala Akademi, in order to showcase the outcomes of multi-disciplinary scientific research carried out for more than 12 years for information of general public. The Inaugural function was organized in Meghdoot-IV, Rabindra Bhawan on 17th September, 2015, with the support of Sangeet Natak Akademi. The Exhibition was unveiled by Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Minister of Culture and Tourism, with special address by Dr. Sonal Mansingh (Padma Vibhushan) and Aashirvachan from Dr. Krishan Gopal Sharma, Sah Sar karyavah of RSS.

Mrs. Saroj Bala, Director of the Institute, extended a very hearty welcome to the distinguished guests. In their honor, she submitted a short overview of the theme of the Exhibition as under-

·        The latest scientific research reports have proved that indigenous civilisation has been developing in India for last 10,000 years. Vedas contain references of the sky views which could be observed around 9000 - 7000 BP, Ramayana refers to the sky views seen sequentially around 7000 BP, whereas those of Mahabharata could be observed around 5000 BP. On display are the sky views, generated by using Planetarium software, starting with the one observed at the time of birth of Lord Ram in 5114 BC, matching exactly the description given in Valmiki Ramayan. All subsequent sky observations of important events in the life of Lord Ram reveal perfect chronological matching.

·        On display in the Exhibition, are the sky views generated by using Planetarium soft ware, which match the references in Mahabharata sequentially right from the date of departure of Pandavas for thirteen years of exile after they lost everything in the game of Dice in 3153 BC, to the sequential events leading to Mahabharata war in 3139 BC and thereafter right up to the solar eclipse seen from Dwarka before it submerged 36 years after Mahabharata war in 3102 BC.

·        She went on to add that these astronomical dates of references in Rigveda, Ramayana and Mahabharata are corroborated by oceanographic, archaeological, geological, remote sensing, paleobotanical, ecological and anthropological evidences. Various exhibits displayed provide pictorial glimpse of such scientific evidences. The archaeological evidences displayed are in form of utensils, ornaments, weapons, plants and infrastructure etc. All these support the astronomical dates of references in these scriptures.

·        On display in the exhibition is the map showing more than 150 places visited by Shri Ram during his exile. One could look at the picture of Kutumsar caves in Dandak vana; the carbon dating of grains found from there considers these as 7000 years old! 

·        Some rare pictures of Ramsetu are on display with proof that it was at the walkable level around 7000 years back. Put on show is the pictorial display of the eventful journey of remote past revealing how and when Ganga became the most venerated holy river of India in place of Saraswati!

·        Smt Saroj Bala invited the chief guests as well as the visitors to have a look at the geneology charts of the Suryavanshi rulers, containing names of 63 predecessors and 59 successors of Lord Ram. These are corroborated by the latest DNA studies, revealing genetic continuity for more than 10000 years in India!

Dr. Sonal Mansingh delivered a very informed and impressive address –

·        She said that so far we have all studied the history of Indian subcontinent, which is based on the writings of Chinese, Portuguese, German and British scholars. For the first time I-SERVE and its Director, Mrs. Saroj Bala, have tried to reconstruct India’s ancient history based on scientific evidences, which also sequentially corroborates references in Vedas and Epics.

·        She added that she felt overawed by the vastness of the subject covered through this Exhibition and sharpness of intellect required to do this job.

·        She lamented that we have not tried to project the achievements of our remote past and we not even bothered to take note of the fact that there is no Chair on Hinduism in any of the universities in USA whereas there are many on Islam, Judaism and Zoroastrianism.

·        Consequently, “As a systematic conspiracy, scholars like Wendy Doniger, have written about our ancient saints being sex maniacs to belittle us. Yet, we only read the history written by these people” and make no attempts to place the true facts before the world, she added.

·        She also lamented the dismal state of our ancient historical places and stressed the need for their preservation and development.

·        She advised that scientific evidences, gathered by I-SERVE about the true antiquity and continuity of our culture and heritage, are so valuable that all possible efforts should be made to circulate these through social media.

Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Hon’ble Minister of Culture and Tourism, lauded the efforts put in by I-SERVE to put up this Exhibition, which was preceded by in-depth scientific research, to showcase the historicity of Vedas and Epics

·        The evidences displayed through this exhibition are so convincing and credible that it may not be possible to say any more that some people wrote Ramayana and Mahabharata stories sitting in their bedrooms. It has been proved that these contain references to true events of the remote past; the true dates of these events can be determined by making use of modern scientific tools.

·        Dr Mahesh Sharma added that research outcomes, displayed through the exhibits, are so valuable that these have to be preserved for posterity and for that the Director of I-SERVE must put a mechanism in place.

·        Full fledged efforts need to be made so as to reach the information revealed through this Exhibition to largest number of people all over India. It should be put up at several other locations.

·        After unveiling the Exhibition Dr. Mahesh Sharma said, “I spent a good one and a half hours at the Exhibition and there is a lot of material there which merits attention. We have asked I-SERVE to compile all of this information and submit a report on this important issue. There have been questions raised about the very existence of Mahabharata and Ramayana. This exhibition gives scientific, credible and convincing evidences about their historicity.”

Dr. Krishna Gopal Sharma impressed the audience with his deep knowledge on the subject combined with outstanding oratorical skills –

·        He said that world has come a long way after the 19th century Christian belief that earth got created in 4004 BC. Consequently attempts made at that time to fit in the entire historical sequence of the events of Indian subcontinent within that time frame, also have to be reviewed.

·        Dr. Krishna Gopal added that even in those older days, after reading Vedas, Max Mueller conceded that considering its language as well as content, Rigveda should be at least 5000 years old. In fact many more years need to be added for the evolvement of language till that time.

·        Christian scholars could not imagine history older than 4,000 years; even Max Mueller could not go earlier than 5,000 BC”. But the intensive and extensive scientific research, which has gone behind this Exhibition on ‘Cultural Continuity from Rigveda to Robotics’ has proved that Rigveda was composed more than 9000 years back and there has been cultural continuity since then.

·        Ancient scholars and rishi-munis of ancient India had such profound knowledge of astronomy and of methods of time reckoning that modern scientific tools are establishing their precision and reliability. We need to know all that in greater details for our own benefit.

·        Dr Krishna Gopal appreciated the initiative taken by Mrs. Saroj Bala and her Institute I-SERVE. He requested that all organizations, NGOs and individuals should support this outstanding work and help restore the self esteem of all Indians in the true antiquity and richness of their culture.

During this Exhibition, one could watch the video recording of address by late Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, most admired ex-President of India, talking about such indigenous development of civilisation, relating the Ramayana references to 7000 BP and extolling the achievements of India in remote past! An extract is as under-

            “Vedic and post-Vedic literature has a tremendous amount of scientific knowledge which will be extremely beneficial to humanity. For creating a faith in these documents, there is a need to establish the date of occurrence of Vedas and Upanishads which are contained in our mythology, so that they are transformed into historical events and not imaginary mythological events…….

            If we look at the study on scientific dating of Ramayana, the important aspect about the Ramayana is that when Valmiki wrote the epic, he made it with many proofs. He packed so much information about the various planetary positions of those days, the geography of the areas mentioned in the epic, the seasonal events, and about the genealogy of various kings that it is virtually a no-brainer to establish the dates on which those events occurred.

            Astronomical calculation, making use of planetarium software, have proved that events narrated in Valamiki Ramayana actually occurred around 7000 years back and they can be sequentially dated. Ramasetu is found submerged at the same location as is described in Valamiki Ramayana and the city of Dwarka has been explored by marine archeology wing of Govt of India….

            As per the estimate made by the Inter-Governmental panel on Climate Change (NASA, Global Change Master Directory), the rise in the sea level during the last 7000 years has been about 2.8 meters which roughly corresponds to 9.3 feet. The remains of Rama Sethu are found submerged nearly at a depth of 9-10 feet. Thus, obviously this bridge was capable of being used as a land route 7000 years back. This is the only existing evidence on manmade bridge so many thousands of years back…

            It is essential that our researchers launch a mission-oriented program in an integrated way by earth science, geological science, remote sensing and space scientists, oceanography and climate change teams and the people who are engaged in construction under the sea….

            The spoken language period as per Prof. Tobias is around 10000 years old and the birth of Rama based on the 9th thithi of Chaitra month dates to 10th January in 5114 BC, that is 7117 years back. We need to establish the relationship between the birth of spoken language and the evolution of Valmiki Ramayana.…. I am happy that through the use of modern technology, the perception of Indian Archaeology has changed and has facilitated the researchers to prove an indigenous origin of civilization in the Indian Sub continent. This is an important factor which should work as an integrator of the entire nation since all of us have come into this land from the same ancestors and roots.”

            During this one week (17-23 September, 2015), the Exhibition was visited by more than 2000 people, including groups of students from Centenary DAV College (Faridabad), Institute of Archaeology, Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandirs from different locations of NCR  and IAS aspirants from Samkalp centers etc. These students won many prizes during Quiz Programs conducted after their visit to the exhibition. Almost all the visitors showed deep interest and made extremely positive and encouraging comments.

            Deep interest was also shown by print and electronic media and I-SERVE team felt encouraged with the positive coverage from them as they generally endorsed the authenticity as well as the credibility of the theme of the exhibition and trustworthiness of the contents of its exhibits.

            Many newspapers / magazines covered the news of this unique exhibition. Some of the links are as under -

Exhibition on Cultural continuity from Rigveda to Robtics (17 - 23 Sept'15)
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            Comprehensive reporting about the exhibition and the exhibits displayed was also done by several TV channels, including News 24, News nation, Focus News, ZEE Sangam, TV9 (Telgu), DD Sanskrit News etc.

            Some of these channels had also conducted Panel discussions, but there was no serious challenge to the research outcomes displayed through more than 60 exhibits during the Exhibition on ‘Cultural Continuity from Rigveda to Robotics’. All these telecasts remain uploaded on YOUTUBE and therefore can be watched by anyone at any time, e.g. News 24 link –

This Exhibition was based on research carried out by I-SERVE for more than 12 years on “Determining Cultural Continuity since Vedic and Epic Eras: through Sequential Dating of Astronomical References and other Corroborating Scientific Evidences”. First seminar, covering Rigvedic and Ramayan eras, with the title, "Scientific Dating of Ancient Events before 2000 BC:…" was organized in Delhi on 30-31 July, 2011. The inaugural address was delivered by late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who has been the source of inspiration behind this research.

Thereafter the book titled, “Historicity of Vedic and Ramayan Eras: Scientific Evidences from the Depths of Oceans to the Heights of Skies” was published, which was released in August, 2012. Positive reviews were published in several journals and newspapers. It was also covered and appreciated by ZEE news on 25-26 August, 2012 through comprehensive coverage during primetime. Hindi version was published with the title वैदिक युग एवं रामायण काल की ऐतिहासिकता In January, 2013.

Second International Seminar with the theme, “Determining cultural continuity since Vedic and Epic Eras”, was held on 23 - 24 February, 2014 in Delhi, for which inaugural address was delivered by hon’ble Dr Karan Singh. The summary, along with some pictures, have been uploaded on and

            Some of the videos covering our research and seminars held in the past can be watched on Youtube, some of the links are given here -

Lord Shri Ram was born on January 10, 5114 BC – presentation by IRS Officer Smt. Saroj Bala

Lord Shri Ram was born on January 10, 5114 BC based on astronomical dating with help of Scientific tools like Planetarium & Geological evidences- Oceanography,Geomorphology &Satellite Imagery intelligence ((IMINT) & Archeology~by IRS Officer Smt. Saroj Bala. With solid proof, she wrote "Historicity of Vedic and Ramayan Eras: Scientific Evidences from the Depths of Oceans to the Heights of Skies".



Rigveda To Robotics – preview of launch of book “HISTORICITY OF VEDIC and RAMAYAN ERAS” in Vivekananda International Foundation Auditorium (VIF)

Published on Aug 23, 2012
Astronomical dates of planetary references in Vedas & Ramayan have been determined by making use of Planetarium software. These dates have been corroborated with scientific evidences from Archaeology, Paleobotany & Ecology. Sea level curve revealing that Ran setu was a walk able bridge during that period has also been depicted, Solid evidences from satellite imagery and genetic studies proving the accuracy of astronomically calculated dates have also been included in the book.
This book available on - pay cash on delivery

Watch: Lord Shri Ram's time machine test only on Zee News at 8 pm (December, 2014)

Ramayana, reality or myth: Watch Lord Shri Ram's time machine test Part 1
Ramayana, reality or myth: Watch Lord Shri Ram's time machine test-Part 2

            Some very valuable suggestions for carrying forward this type of scientific research, in order to rewrite the true ancient history of India and for determining the true antiquity and continuity of our culture, made by scientists and scholars during earlier seminars and this exhibition are as under –

            1. The study deserves to be undertaken at a very large scale, which should also be supported by Govt. agencies. Several books covering the scientific reconstruction of ancient history need to be written, including the ones for being introduced in schools and colleges.

            2. Very special efforts need to be made to make these books interesting and readable, simultaneously ensuring that scientifically verified facts are neither ignored nor tampered with. In addition, series of books also need to be written correlating knowledge contained in Vedas, Epics and Post-Vedic Literature with modern sciences, including astronomy, mathematics, medicine, surgery, plants and animals, warfare and weaponry, statecraft and diplomacy etc.

            3. Universities may be requested to modify their policy for allocating topics for Ph.D. so that research scholars could take up multi-disciplinary research with Guides from different departments and a coordinator. They should be able to correlate research reports from different disciplines of sciences with references in Vedic and post-Vedic Sanskrit literature.

            4. Since inputs from many ministries like those of HRD, Culture, Science and Technology etc. are needed, the research project for rewriting the true history of culture and civilisation of India, based on multi-disciplinary scientific research reports, deserves to be owned up and supported by the PMO.

            5. I-SERVE will have to broad base its membership and activities. It will have to augment its manpower as well as financial resources. I-SERVE should be in a position to provide inputs to any committees formed by Govt. & help in coordinating this type of multi-disciplinary scientific research.

            6. I-SERVE has gathered comprehensive details of places referred to in Ramayana and Mahabharata along with archaeological, paleobotanical, geological evidences. These stand supported by references in these epics. I-SERVE offers to make these details available to the ministries and organizations concerned.

            The Ministry of Culture is requested to kindly take the necessary initiatives to achieve this noble objective of reconstructing India’s true ancient history, which in the words of Hon’ble Dr A P J abdul kalam, would generate shared pride amongst different communities of India.

            Institutions and NGOs, scientists and scholars, government departments and individuals are all invited to join this mission and convert it into a mass movement.

Saroj Bala, IRS (retd. Member, CBDT)
Director, Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas,
C-6/302, The Legend, Sector 57, Gurgaon - 122011
Mob: 9958008787 /

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